What Makes a Good Candidate?


Your credibility is very important when applying for a new role. Along with your character your reputation is arguably your most important quality. Recommendations and referrals from contacts and colleagues can go a long way in securing a new role or internal promotion, however people will only recommend you for an opening if they have confidence in you. Pride yourself on your reputation and integrity within the work place as this is trait that with undoubtedly help you succeed.


The ability to get the job done is what will get you hired. A candidate who isn’t competent will not adequately be able to sell themselves into any role. To be successful in any position competence is a key attribute.


Intelligence levels quite often determine how productive an employee will be in a role. If you have knowledge of what the role requires and the intellect to carry out the tasks the more successful you will be. Asking questions and listening intently to the answers will help expand your current knowledge and make it clear you are keen to learn.

Leadership Skills

Taking responsibility within a role is vital, even if the position requires no management tasks it is important an employer is aware you have those skills. An employer will wish to know that you can work independently and take responsibility for your own tasks and actions.


First impressions count, when a candidate has only a short time to impress their potential new employer it is key to be likeable. Being warm and friendly is very important and shows the employer you can work in a team and will fit to the company. Team work is the backbone to a successful company, if an employer queries how you will fit into and work with their existing team you won't be hired.


Along with reputation and competence having integrity makes an excellent candidate. It involves being true to yourself, so within an interview environment being honest and willing to admit your strengths and weaknesses will show an employer you have integrity and are a trustworthy candidate. It is also important to be loyal, you should never say anything negative about a previous employer, colleague or company, no employer will be impressed by your ability to talk bad about others.


If your communication skills are poor it is unlikely you will be hired into any position. This also includes how you communicate on your CV and your writing skills as well as your verbal abilities. Make sure that your CV is well written with no grammatical or spelling mistakes and during an interview ensure you are confident, well-spoken and clear when you talk with your potential employer.


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