Careers Advice

Changing employer has a significant impact on the direction of your career and we at CMC Consulting want to ensure that your finance career is taking you on the path you want to travel.

In order to find the right finance job we, and more importantly you, need to understand your strengths, weaknesses and overall personality type.

What motivates you?  Career satisfaction?  A better work life balance?

What are your goals?

How ambitious are you?

Are you looking for a higher salary or would you take a salary drop for the right role?

This information will help us find an organisation you will be passionate about working with.

If you are looking to make a change to your current career path, for example making a move from practice into industry, then your first step is to research the different sectors.  This helps narrow down your choices and gives us a better feel for what you are looking for.

No one wants to be stuck in the wrong job – we want to find you the right one.

Meeting with CMC Consulting will involve assessing your skills and personality, as well as identifying your career aspirations. Our primary consideration will be to present your details to clients you would be interested in working for. Our consultants will discuss with you the opportunities presented by each role we are currently working on and provide you with an insight into the culture of the recruiting organisation. Should you be successful in securing an interview, we will ensure you have all the available information about the organisation in advance of your meeting.

How to succeed at interview

How to write a CV