Diversity Policy

CMC’s commitment to diversity

Whether we are recruiting for our clients or our own business, we are committed to attracting the most talented individuals regardless of their race, sexual orientation, religion, age, gender, disability status or any other aspect of diversity, in addition to any relevant legal requirements of this policy, we are just convinced this makes sound business sense. We know from our own business that diverse teams make for great teams.

  • CMC’s consultants singular focus when recruiting a role, is on the skills and other specifications determined by the client. We only select candidates based on their qualifications, experience, merit and appropriateness for each role. Therefore, diversity is at the very heart of our entire process for every role we work.

  • We are convinced that recruiting individuals from a broad variety of backgrounds and experiences enhances workforce effectiveness, whilst also taking care to avoid positive discrimination.

  • When attracting candidates we utilise a breadth of techniques. We engage with a range of organisation and advertise across a broad range of outlets to reach the widest possible audience.

  • We monitor our candidates via an anonymous online equal opportunities survey to identify any potential barriers to this commitment and make any necessary improvements to overcome these.

  • We actively seek candidates returning to work from periods out of the workplace e.g. from maternity or careers breaks.

Our diversity form can be found here and is available to any candidate who has registered with CMC Consulting, for information on how this data is stored and our full policy including the law please see our Diversity and Inclusion page here.

If you have any questions or require more information about our Diversity Policy or Diversity Monitoring questionnaire please contact us or email